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Click here to view the installation piece.
Click here to see a video interview with excerpt.

Concurrents is a 13 minute, 9 monitor installation work which juxtaposes organic and geometric forms through human gestural interventions. The video canera is used as a paintbrush, as an extension of action painting. This piece expresses a concern for the natural environment and the complex and contradictory roles of technology in sustaining and destroying it. It also refers to developments in concurrent computation or parallel processing. Music was composed and performed by Gaylord Mowrey and utilizes a prepared piano. Hardware and software for the images include an Amiga 1000 personal computer with Live Board and Aegis Animator software, a Panasonic VHS video camera, Ampex 1 inch videotape recorder, and Grass Valley Switcher. This piece was produced at the California Institute of the Arts and was exhibited in its first version at the MANCA New Music Festival in Nice, France in 1988, in the second version in 1989 at the ACM SIGGRAPH Art Show in Boston, Massachusetts, the Post-Currents Festival in Buffalo, and other locations in Europe and the Americas. The digital reconstruction of the 9 monitor installation was produced at the University at Buffalo, Department of Media Study and exhibited at American University in Washington, D. C. in 2009. (Copyright 1989 Vibeke Sorensen)

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