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Papers, Talks and Press

    • Keynote Speech, Beyond the Gap, Betwixt Festival: Art & Bytes, ArtScience Museum, Singapore. Feb 27, 2016
    • Talk, Vibeke Sorensen, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, USA. October 9, 2015
    • Introductory Speech, Sound, Media Art and the Metaverse, SoundIslands Festival 2015 / 2nd International Symposium on Sound and Interactivity, Singapore, August 19, 2015
    • Talk, Getting to the Mood of the Planet, for Everything is Data, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University) with the School of Art, Design & Media NTU, and the National Design Centre Singapore. Aug 13, 2015
    • Conference paper, Multidimensions of Vishwaroop, Society for Animation Studies (SAS), Beyond the Frame, Canterbury, England, July 15, 2015
    • Opening Keynote Speech, 3 Dimensions: A Historical Overview of Stereographic Art. Symposium entitled The Art of 3D Stereo Media, School of Art, Design & Media, NTU, April 22, 2015
    • Talk and Exhibition, Finding the Center: Dome Symposium, School of Art, Design & Media, NTU, Immersed in Vishwaroop; March 27, 2015
    • Talk, Division of Animation and Digital Arts, School of Cinematic Arts, University of Southern California, Visual Music, Dream, Mind, and Memory: Transmodal Transmedia. Feb 25, 2015
    • Cinegrid 2014, Qualcomm Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology, Calit2, University of California, San Diego (Qi/Calit2/UCSD). Conference paper, The Making of Vishwaroop; December 9, 2014
    • 11th Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology Conference (ACE 2014), Incorporating 9th International Conference on Digital Interactive Media in Entertainment and Arts (DIMEA), Medeira, Portugal. ACM Distinguished Speaker, Opening Keynote, Wear Are We?, November 12, 2014
    • Conceptions of Space-Time in Illuminations, an Animated Installation, paper presented at the 26th Society for Animation Studies (SAS) Conference, Toronto, Canada, June 17, 2014
    • Rewiring Culture, the Brain, and Digital Media, in the book “Switching Codes: Thinking through Digital Technology in the Humanities and the Arts,” edited by Thomas Bartscherer and Roderick Coover, University of Chicago Press, 2011 (with a link to a review by Rob Harle on ISAST Leonardo Online, MIT Press)
    • Visions of Reality, Keynote Speech at the 2010 Visuality and Cultural Literacy Conference, National Central University, Taiwan, November 20, 2010
    • New Media Art Education: Creativity in a Multicultural Context, Keynote Speech at the International Forum of Higher Education in Media and Communication, Communications University of China, Beijing, September 19, 2009
    • Global Eyes, Keynote Speech at the Michigan Celebration of Women in Computing, Kellogg Biological Station Conference Center, April 4, 2009
    • New Ideas Emerge When Collaboration Occurs, by Dana Plautz, Intel Corp. Special section on the Global VIsual Music Jam Project by Miller Puckette, Vibeke Sorensen, and Rand Steiger. MIT Press, ISAST Leonardo, Vol. 38 No. 4, 2005
    • Art, Science, and Animation, Talk at China Cartoon Industry Forum (CCIF), Qingdao, China, 2003
    • Morocco Memory II, Leonardo/ISAST News; Leonardo, Volume 33, Number 1, page 79, MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2000

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