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© 1985 Vibeke Sorensen
Produced at the Caltech CSGG

Note: the images above are stereoscopic, arranged for cross-eyed ‘free viewing.’ This means that the Left-eye image is on the right, and the Right-eye image is on the left. To see it in depth, cross your eyes until you see 3 images. The center image is 3-D.

In Fish and Chips, Microfishe, and Parroty Bits, I byte off what the computer can chew. I employ stereopsis in order to heighten the perception of statial depth. I play with the language of technology as a reminder of the technological basis of the work and as a reminder of the apparent structural duality of computers. I am interested in the synchronicity of the senses and the intellect and in the visual equivalent of the one-liner. It is this interplay of technology, perception, and language which draws me to my current state of involvement with computers.

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