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Fish and Chips

© 1985 Vibeke Sorensen
Produced at the Caltech CSGG

Note: the images above are stereoscopic, arranged for cross-eyed ‘free viewing.’ This means that the Left-eye image is on the right, and the Right-eye image is on the left. To see it in depth, cross your eyes until you see 3 images. The center image is 3-D.

This image has been published widely, including in Newsweek Magazine, Encyclopaedia Britannica, and on the cover of the book Digital Visions authored by Cynthia Goodman, published in 1987 by Harry N. Abrams, NYC.

In Fish and Chips, Microfishe, and Parroty Bits, I byte off what the computer can chew. I employ stereopsis in order to heighten the perception of statial depth. I play with the language of technology as a reminder of the technological basis of the work and as a reminder of the apparent structural duality of computers. I am interested in the synchronicity of the senses and the intellect and in the visual equivalent of the one-liner. It is this interplay of technology, perception, and language which draws me to my current state of involvement with computers.

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