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Lemma 2



Lemma 2 was the latest result of the Global Visual Music project of Miller Puckette, Vibeke Sorensen and Rand Steiger. The performance took place on April 8, 1999 at the Miller Theatre in New York City, and simultaneously at the Intel Conference Center in Hillboro, Oregon, as part of the 1999 Columbia University Interactive Arts Festival.

The performers were Anthony Davis and Steven Schick, in New York (with Puckette, Sorensen and Steiger on computers) and Scott Walton and Vanessa Tomlinson in Hillsboro (with Harry Castle and Shahrokh Yadegari).

The program note included the following information:

We do not aim to “teleconference” between the two performance sites. Instead, we analyze the piano and percussion sets at each location in order to make the information emerge in various ways at the other site. Vanessa’s cowbell in Oregon might sound as a similar cowbell in New York, but it might instead appear as a tomtom or as middle C on a computer-controlled piano. Moreover, computer graphics are shown at both sites which can respond in many different ways to musical gestures at either location. The heart of the piece is the exploration of new transformations made possible both by the connection between two performance spaces and by the connection between music and moving images.

Our work is sponsored by a generous grant from the Intel Research Council.

1999_Lemma 2_003

1999_Lemma 2_004

Networked performance document excerpts:

Lemma2-1 from Vibeke Sorensen on Vimeo.

Lemma2-2 from Vibeke Sorensen on Vimeo.

Lemma2-3 from Vibeke Sorensen on Vimeo.

April 1999 at the Miller Theater, Columbia University, NYC and simultaneously at Intel Headquaters in Hillsboro, Oregon

In New York: Steve Schick, percussion and Anthony Davis, piano

In Hillsboro, Vanessa Tomlinson, percussion and Scott Walton, piano

With computer assistance from Shahrokh Yadegari in New York and Harry Castle in Hillsboro

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