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Reflection Studies

Reflection Study
© 1989 Vibeke Sorensen
Produced at the CalArts CAL

Note: the images above are stereoscopic, arranged for cross-eyed ‘free viewing.’ This means that the Left-eye image is on the right, and the Right-eye image is on the left. To see it in depth, cross your eyes until you see 3 images. The center image is 3-D.

The stereoscopic Reflection Studies explore perceptual paradox resulting from reflecting spaces in surfaces. I used 3-D computer models and ray tracing techniques to create mathematically correct but impossible spaces. I worked with abstraction to focus my exploration of perception. These images compelled me to more deeply question how we process visual information between our eyes and our minds, and how we construct our mental models of the “real” world. These studies led me to the stereoscopic computer animated work, Maya (1993).

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