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Head, Space; Earth, Time

© 1995 Vibeke Sorensen
. Produced at the San Diego Supercomputer Center, ASVL

Note: the images above are stereoscopic, arranged for cross-eyed ‘free viewing.’ This means that the Left-eye image is on the right, and the Right-eye image is on the left. To see it in depth, cross your eyes until you see 3 images. The center image is 3-D.

Head, Space, Earth, Time, is a series of stereoscopic images that use satellite photographs of the earth together with 3-D model data of my own head (scanned at Cyberware in Monterrey), and stereoscopic documentary photography. It is part of a larger work which explores memory, nature and the tension between physical interaction in cyberspace and physical interaction in the “real-world.” I am working with digital photography and video, image processing, 3-D modeling and animation, and scientific visualization of data. This piece is both a kind of lament and warning to those who would prefer to isolate themselves from nature in virtual space. Technology should inform us about nature, including human beings, and motivate us to preserve rather than destroy it.

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